BRAVO! Partners


Celebrating Your Success With Community Businesses

As a Bravo! card holder you are eligible for special deals, gifts with purchase, or discounts provided from some of our well-known local businesses below.  Their offers and links to their websites are available here for you.

Our Partners


jackandjilllogo_3in                                  idc-automatic-logo                          subway

JACK & JILL CHILDCARE                                                     IDC AUTOMATIC                                                                         SUBWAY

Receive 5% discount off weekly childcare                            Receive 10% OFF service invoices                                        Recieve $0.50 OFF a 6″ sandwich
or 5% off school release daycare                                                                                                                                               or $1.00 OFF a 12″ sandwich




Receive $5 OFF a haircut
OR $10 OFF a color