Competition Team FAQs


What is the difference between a competition line & a recreational class?
In a competition line the emphasis is on the team. Dancers must work together at an accelerated rate for unison, skill execution & performance. Dancers on a competition line tend to have a ‘winning’ desire, assisting them to work towards the elements needed to
succeed at a competition.


How will I know if my child is ready for competition?
First & foremost your child must love to dance & let it show! Other requirements include, but are not limited to:
At least 2 years of dance training (exceptions may be made by the Instructor/Director depending on age & other experiences, i.e. additional performing arts training.)
Ages 4-7: If your child is asking if they can go home yet during a recreational class he/she has not yet developed the desire required for a competition class. Your child must enjoy dancing & learning so to be able to learn a routine well without watching others. For most, this will require practice at home.
Ages 8-9: More formal training begins. Technique is emphasized including stretched feet, splits, the ability to add head & shoulders, & routine knowledge. Double pirouettes should be executed by or before age 9. Battements should be shoulder height & jetes should be performed technically well. Dancers must be able to smile easily during performance & must have the desire to practice at home to perfect skills and routines so they can be performed with excellence.
Ages 10-11: Dancers must continue to progress in flexibility & technique. Splits, high battements, jetes, double pirouettes working on triple pirouettes are essential. Dancers must be willing to work on sharp, clean moves & sounds, in addition to personality & expression beyond a smile. Much of class time is focused on technique, therefore dancers are expected to learn choreography quickly, remember it & practice until mastered.
Ages 12+: Dancers are required to have the skills listed in the above age groups. Additionally dancers should have increased flexibility including multiple splits. Dancers must also be able to execute strength including the ability to hold their leg into an extension. Technique class will consist of advanced skill execution including scissor leaps, switch-straddle leaps, multiple pirouettes, & other advanced jumps & turns. Choreography is taught at a very fast rate & dancers are expected to add flair to the execution.
(age groups are approximate: dancers who accomplish more at a younger age than expected will achieve greater success in the competition world.)


What is the time commitment?
Time commitment varies depending on the competition line. QC offers lines for the younger dancer to the advanced dancer, as well as lines for those who want a ‘taste’ of the competition experience to those who desire full participation. Time commitment varies from 3/4 hour per week to 3-4 hours per week over 2 nights. Rehearsals may be added, or class may be extended for rehearsal when necessary. QC’s ‘Add A Class’ program is optional for those who desire more class time. Competitions are typically held over a weekend. The Competition Action plan is reviewed at the Fall Competition Meeting each year. For more specifics please see the Competition Director.


What are additional costs?
Costumes: In comparison to costumes for a recreational class, competition costumes are approximately $20-$40 more. Competition costumes typically include more embellishments. Each line will perform at least 2 routines requiring at least 2 costumes. Amount of routines are determined by line.

Competition Fees: Fees are determined by each competition. Group fees range from approximately $32-$38 per routine. Solo,
duet, trio fees are additional.

Uniforms & Make Up: Competition Dancers earn the privilege of a uniform. Uniform cost is approximately $100. QC utilizes the same uniforms for subsequent years & often used uniforms are available for purchase. QC also uses the same competition make up yearly—cost approx. $70. Comp dancers are required to utilize the designated make up.

QC BOOSTER CLUB participation is available to assist with competition expenses.


Once my child is a competition dancer are they always a competition dancer?
Competition audition classes are held every August. Each dancer with the desire to compete is required to audition regardless of past competition experience. A dancer who has previously competed is not guaranteed a place on a competition line. This is determined by advancement of skill & performance. Occasionally, dancers may be placed on a competition line with provisions. When line placement is questionable dancers may be asked to attend multiple lines/ classes the first few weeks of class to determine the best fit placement.


Can I be a QC competition dancer & be in other activities?
YES! QC’s competition program follows the studio mission of “to provide quality dance instruction and a variety of fun dance opportunities to learn and demonstrate dance skill while building self-esteem. To encourage academic excellence as well as other involvements that contribute to the development of a multi-talented, well-rounded individual.” QC has many dancers who are also
involved in sports, danceline etc. We are very proud of those who are able to continue their dance education in addition to being involved in other activities. QC has developed their advanced lines classes to allow for the busy sports seasons. Private lessons may be required to assist keeping a dancer ‘caught up’ during the busy season. QC offers savings plans for high school danceline members & college students placed on our top line who complete the season at QC. QC also has an ‘Add A Class’ program for those dancers who desire more.

Solos / Duets / Trios
Dancers who have additional desire may want to audition to perform a solo, duet or trio. Those interested should contact the Competition Director. A sign up sheet is available in the lobby in June each year. Those who sign up will be contacted by the Competition Director. Solos, duets and trios are limited to dancers on a competition line.


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