About Erika

Favorite color: Black
Favorite holiday: Christmas!!
Favorite place to eat: Shuang Cheng (I think about the Sesame Tofu at least four times a day)
Favorite sweet treat: Icecream
Favorite book or movie: Does Hamilton count? Because HAMILTON
I started dance when I was 8 years old at QC dance and did Competition dance all the way through my Senior year! I was an assistant teacher my junior and senior year at QC. I have continued dancing and choreographing in a dance club at my college. However, I couldn’t stay away from my second home for long and am so excited to be back at QC for my first year of teaching!! I love all types of dance and still challenge myself to learn new styles (I have been taking Salsa classes during quarantine!). However, if I had to pick my favorite are lyrical and clog!!
Fun Facts:
-I have one of the cutest dogs in the world named Hattie and she is turning 14 this month!
-I am in love with traveling and being engaged in different cultures. I have had the opportunity to go to 8 countries and many US cities so far! I lived in Spain for three months and have spent the last two Januarys in Peru!
-I have been vegetarian and plant-based for almost five years now!
-I am starting my senior year of college at the University of Minnesota this year! I will be graduating with a major in Psychology, minor in Neuroscience, minor in Racial Justice in Schooling and a training certification of Hatha Yoga!