About Nicky

Favorite color: Pink and Black
Favorite holiday: 4h of July
Favorite place to eat: Mom and Dad’s house!
Favorite sweet treat: Cookie Dough
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid
I started dancing at the age of 2, dancing competitively for many years. I found QC Dance and joined the alumni class where I was able to return to my passion and start dancing again. QC Dance welcomed me with open arms and I eventually started teaching. I taught for 10 years, taking a break for a few years before returning this year! My favorite style of dance is tap, I still find my feet tapping under my desk at work or waiting in line somewhere!
Fun Facts:
– I LOVE kids, so much that I ran a daycare for 10 years.
– I love to travel.
– When not at QC I love to be with my 3 kids and husband. More than anything I love watching my younger kids play hockey, lacrosse and dance on stage and love that my adult child is now my Best Friend.