About Shannon

1.) Favorite color – Red
2.) Favorite holiday -Christmas
3.) Favorite place to go eat – My House (my husband is a Chef)
4.) Favorite sweet treat – Kit Kats
5.) Favorite book or movie – Anything Star Wars
My favorite style of dance is jazz/kick
I started dancing when I was 3 with Ballet and Tap, I moved to kick line and jazz and fell in love with it. I danced kick line and jazz for 14 years. I took a break and started teaching dance for the next 7 years before taking a break to do a little dancing myself. I was on a dance line team in New Orleans and got to dance in 12 different parades as well as perform halftime at an NBA game. I have also been on a holiday dance line team for the last 5 years (which is why I LOVE Christmas), performing all over the Twin Cities as well as making a few TV appearances.
Fun Facts! – My family and I LOVE Star Wars – I love excel spreadsheets – One of my favorite things to do is go on adventures with my husband and step-daughter – I was a member of JAM (Judges Association of Minnesota) and was a High School Dance Line Judge – We have two adorable dogs who LOVE to snuggle