Is it important to register early?
Yes, we are a capacity business. the earlier you register the more class/days/ times available. Watch for ‘Early Registration’ deals.


How long and how often are the dance classes?
Classes are from 30 minutes to 90 minutes long depending on age and abilities. Recreational classes meet once a week for 30 minutes – 1 hour but have the option to additionally take Ballet class, Modern (3 levels), Hip Hop (5 class options) and other ‘Specialty Classes’ . Classes are scheduled like a school (10 months). Competition Team participation is also available with classes 2-3 times per week.


How large are the dance classes?
Preschool and elementary age classes are smaller to provide more individual attention – (app. 8 students per teacher/assistant)


How much are dance classes and am I allowed a refund if we withdraw from a dance class?
Recreational dance classes run from $32 – $60 per month. We do not offer refunds, however, you may fill out a withdrawal form and submit the 1st week of the previous month of withdrawal (30 days notice may be required to stop payments) There are no costume deposit refunds.


What if I miss a dance class?
We are set up on a ten month participation versus a per class basis. There is no credit for absenteeism, but we are happy to offer make up classes through February. After that the classes are working hard on their Recital performance routines.


What should be worn to dance class?
We prefer leotard and tights for younger dancers – socks and a QC dance t shirt dance shorts, capris or jazz pants at the ankle bone that stretch for elementary and above dancers – no baggy shirts, street clothes or jewelry please – post, or small loop earrings only (no dangle type). For little ones please avoid tutus that are too long. For advanced dancers, proper dance attire, no layers please.


Do you have a Dance Recital? How many costumes do I need to purchase?
Yes, we have a Recital in the Spring at Spring Lake Park High School. Most classes perform 1 or 2 routines that require 1-2 costumes. Costumes price is provided ‘up front’ – included – costume, tights, headpiece, wristbands, shoe bows or whatever trim needed. Spare hair and shoes are not included.


Do I have to buy dance shoes from you?
At the Dance Recital we want all the shoes to match and we have them in stock. If you have other ballet, tap or jazz shoes to begin classes, that is ok. But for pictures and the show, we require all shoes be uniform. For the younger dancers the ballet and tap shoes they wear for dance class are their performance shoes. For older dancers jazz shoes may also be required.


Can parents watch dance classes?
It is difficult to focus on learning when there is a lot of activity in the classroom. Therefore, we provide closed circuit televisions for parents to observe. We also offer opportunities for family viewing throughout the year (Refer to Newsletter or FYI handbook). Parents are always Welcome the 1st week. If throughout the year you have visiting relatives or other out of town guests, ask dance instructors permission to have a special ‘watch week’.


What if my dance class isn’t right for me?
We offer a variety of dance classes with a variety of teachers. We want happy dancers and parents. Please talk to the director regarding dance class options. Classes may be transferred through October.


For answers to other questions or information on specialty classes please email lissa@qcdance.com