Ballet & Pointe

Specialty Classes
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2, Ballet Level 1, 2, 3 & 4, Pre-Pointe & Pointe



Develop the fundamentals of dance through control, poise, precision, fluency and grace using the technique and style of ballet. With classical ballet barré, center work and progressions this class improves fundamentals including body alignment, vocabulary and correct positions of the legs, feet and arms. Ballet is the backbone to all dance disciplines. Students who are serious about improving as a dancer will find that ballet classes are an important part of their training. Ballet classes are offered at every level. 



Pointe is an extension of ballet. It requires solid, consistent and current ballet training coupled with strength in the legs and the core of the dancer’s body.
Subject to pre-requisites: Dancers must be enrolled in a weekly ballet class. Dancers will be evaluated for pointe shoes. Approval is required before pointe shoes will be allowed to ensure readiness.



Pre-Pointe is the starting ‘pointe’ of a gradual process in which the dancer can not only strengthen the feet and ankles, but also gain the confidence and balance needed for pointe. Turnout and proper body alignment will continue to be emphasized.
Pointe is for dancers who have advanced through pre-pointe and have received instructor permission for more advance work on pointe. A Ballet class Level 1-3 is required in addition to pre-pointe or pointe.


Pre-Ballet & Ballet (Level 1, 2, 3, & 4)
ages are approximate and students are
placed at appropriate skill level

Advanced Ballet/Pointe is an advanced intermediate class open to all dancers with prior ballet experience. Dancers evaluated for pointe work readiness are required to take aBallet level class  in addition to this class. Evaluation by director/instructor may be required.


Dancers will participate in QC’s annual recital. $35 costume/rehearsal fee due April 15th.