Ages 12-18

Dancers ages 12-18 will enjoy these 30-45 minute classes. Classes are genre specific and may include Lyrical, Tap, & Jazz. Specialty classes such as Hip Hop, Modern and Clog are also offered.

These classes meet once a week and encourage teamwork, social skills and most importantly fun. QC Classes for these ages increase range of motion, physical strength and cardiovascular health. Students will develop a sense of commitment, follow-through and the ability to accept constructive feedback.


All classes at QC are held in a positive environment for social interactions with other children and teachers. These classes help build self-confidence and pride in the dancer’s work.

Required Shoes:


BALLET: Ballet Shoes (split sole for ballet & pre-pointe classes), Pink for Girls & Black for boys – may be purchased through QC Boutique
JAZZ: EZ Jazz Shoes – may be purchased through QC Boutique
TAP: Black Tie Tap Shoes or Tan ‘Growing Girls’ for classes including tap – may be purchased through QC Boutique (please remove ties and replace with elastic for easy on and off)

CLOG: White Clog Shoes

MODERN: Can go barefoot
HIP HOP: CLEAN tennis shoes

POINTE: Pointe shoes (pink) to be determined by instructor recommendation
LYRICAL: lyrical shoe or ballet shoe- may be purchased through the QC Boutique

Required Attire:
Leotard / sports bra or form fitting tank
Tights recommended but optional (footless for modern classes)
Dance shorts (form fitting) optional
Capri length dance pants
Jazz pants (no longer than ankle length please)

For Hip Hop – athletic shorts & tank or fitted t-shirt are acceptable


Athletic Shorts
Please pull hair back out of face.
No Jewelry


$320-$600 annually divided into monthly payments of $32-$60. 1st & 10th tuition fees due at time of enrollment.



2nd class: $30 / month
3rd class: $25 / month
4th-10th class: $20 / month
some provisions apply




Recital Costume:
$80-$90 each paid by auto draft in November or January (specialty classes only). Most classes perform 1 routine in the annual recital. Costumes include 1 pair of tights and all accessories. Spare Hair and Shoes not included with costume.