Audition For A Competition Team!


Premiere Teams, Elite Teams, Star Teams, Hip Hop & Pom Teams.

Each dancer with the desire to compete is required to audition regardless of past competition experience. A dancer who has previously competed is not guaranteed a place on a competition team.

Competition is an opportunity to increase performance skills, to do the best job we can, to show responsibility in practice, commitment, and to form new friendships in working as a team.

Teams participate in an average of 2-5 contests per year. Competition proposal for the season is presented at the initial Competition meeting in August.

Dancers wishing to audition for a position on one of QC’s award winning competition teams are required to attend audition classes.

Dancers who are new to QC or would like class placement are encouraged to attend these classes.

Audition classes are open to dancers ages 5 and up and will consist of a variety of dance genres. Dancers age 4 may attend with Director permission. Please contact QC Dance for more information.

Dancers will be placed in the best fit class or team. Audition classes will evaluate numerous factors including but not limited to: age, skill, technique, professionalism, performance, showmanship, flexibility, endurance and more.

Come ready for dance ; clothes and shoes (all types), hair tied back.  This will be just like a class. You will have a warm up – stretch out. The instructor may do something across the floor – for example leaps and turns. Then you will learn a combination. Please come to have a GREAT time, enjoy yourself, learn and perform some Fun Dances.  Dancers will be divided / evaluated by age and skill level. We will watch you dance with others in several different groups
until we find the best match – the best class for you with dancers who have similar dance skills.

Upon conclusion of placement classes, we will email your recommended class/team.

 audition fee is non-refundable