Dance Team Classes

Technique & Combo

This class will be divided between technique and combinations. In this class dancers will be challenged with weekly combinations while focusing on maintaining and strengthening technique. This class is ideal for the dance team dancer who is looking to both maintain and enhance skills while dance team is not in session or the dancer wishing to join their high school team.

Classes are divided into JV and Varsity classes. Dancers may be moved pending teacher evaluation or your coach’s recommendation.

QC Dance is the leading studio in working with dancers who choose to participate in their school dance teams. QC Dance is the only studio who is able to provide opportunities for these dancers throughout the season. Instructors are superior and all possess knowledge to enhance the opportunities and skills required to be on the state floor.

Although this class is ideal for the dance team dancer, it is also perfect for any dancer who desires to push themselves to the next level, both in technical strength and in combination performance, learning and memorization.