Recital Dress Rehearsal

Competition Team Dress Rehearsal - May 4th, 2020

Competition Team Members participating in Petite Production and Production will rehearse on stage at SLP FAC on May 4th, 2020

Please review the rehearsal times below!

All Recreational, Specialty & Premiere Team Class Dancers will rehearse on stage at Spring Lake Park Fine Arts Center on May 4th 2020.

Rehearsal is the opportunity for the dancers to get familiar with stage as well as for our professional lighting crew to prepare for the show. Please try to have your questions answered prior to arrival at the school to assist in the night remaining on schedule. Please no siblings. Dancer & 1 parent please. This is a very hectic day. Please note your time below. Please arrive in your 1st costume (listed below). Bring all costume pieces, pins, etc. No hair or make up needed. Spare tights are okay – save your good tights for the show. Dancers will perform their 1st routine, change into their 2nd costume & perform their 2nd routine (if applicable). Teachers & assistants will be available to help guide you at rehearsal. Once your dancer has performed all of their routines you are free to leave. Please plan to stay 1 to 1 ½ Hours. We understand your time is valuable and will do our best to stay on time.