Adult Classes

Love to Dance? Join the Party! This specialty course is designed for those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle or the older active adult. Zumba fitness is for everyone, all shapes and sizes and just about any age. This class allows you to have fun while safely losing pounds and inches. With Zumba, the fun comes first, and the physical benefits follow!

Jazz & Tap –

Our Adult Jazz & Tap class is the Best! Experience – Great! No experience – that’s okay too! Class meets Thursdays 8:15-9:15pm September through May.


Salsa is a fast, sexy and fun dance.  It is also extremely popular.  You can find a club to Salsa dance most every night of the week.  It has origins in Cuba and Puerto Rico but has many influences from around the world including New York’s 1970’s disco scene.  Merengue is the National dance of the Dominican Republic.  It is an easy dance with very brisk, quick steps 
and hip action.  There are several theories as to the origins of the dance, one of which is that the Dominican people honoring a wounded war hero danced with a limp. Bachata also has its origins in the Dominican Republic. It is danced widely all over the world but with many varying styles. The music is romantic with prominent acoustic guitar. In this class we will work on the basics and add fun patterns to all three dances, with the focus on Salsa.

Adult Yoga – 

Students will learn calming yoga moves used to center and control energy. Enjoy a balance of different yoga paces from basic sun salutations and relaxing savasana, to basic and supine postures. Students will work on balance, flexibility and strength while moving and holding different yoga poses.