Recreational Dance Classes

For Boys Only

Recreational Dance Classes – Just for Guys

Guys ages 5-18 will enjoy this 40 minute class just for them. Boys only classes include Jazz & Hip Hop. While we welcome guys into all of our classes at QC this only is just for them!

These classes meet once a week and encourage teamwork, social skills and most importantly fun. QC Classes for guys increase range of motion, physical strength and cardiovascular health. Students will develop a sense of commitment, follow-through and the ability to accept constructive feedback.

All classes at QC are held in a positive environment for social interactions with other children and teachers. These classes help build self-confidence and pride in work.

Required Shoes

Hip Hop
CLEAN tennis shoes

Required Attire

Athletic Shorts


$320 annually divided into monthly payments of $32. 1st & 10th tuition fees due at time of enrollment.

Recital Costume
$80 each paid by Auto draft in January. Boys Only classes perform 1 routine in the annual recital. Shoes not included with costume.