Dancers ages 2-4 will enjoy these 35-40 minute class options including Creative Movement, Ballet & Tumbling Basics. PreSchoolers & Tots+ classes will also begin tap basics.


These classes meet once a week and encourage creativity, social skills and most importantly fun. QC Classes for ages 2-4 help foster imagination, problem solving and listening skills. Dance Classes teach coordination and gross motor skills.

All classes at QC are held in a positive environment for early social interactions with other children and teachers.

Required Shoes:

TINY TOES: Pink Ballet Shoes (leather) – may be purchased through QC Boutique

TOTS PLUS / PRESCHOOLERS: Ballet Shoes (leather), Pink for Girls & Black for boys.  Black Tie Tap Shoes for classes including tap – may be purchased through QC Boutique (please remove tap ties and replace with elastic for easy on and off)


Required Attire:

Please pull hair back out of face.
No Jewelry

Tights recommended but optional
Skirt optional – shorter length only please

Athletic Shorts



$390-$490 annually divided into monthly payments of $39-$49. 1st & 10th tuition fees due at time of enrollment.


Recital Costume:
$65-$80 each. Paid by Auto draft in November and January. Most classes perform 2 routines in the annual recital. Costumes include 1 pair of tights and all accessories. Spare Hair and Shoes not included with costume.