Meet the QC Dance Staff

QC Dance Instructors

Miss Lissa

In my 10 years at QC I have had so many wonderful memories. My favorite memory has to be when we got to watch our dancers perform on stage at the Orpheum Theater with the Moscow Ballet in The Nutcracker. Everyone worked so hard for that show and all the dancers danced beautifully next to the professionals! I hope we get to do that again. As much as I like watching ballet, I will NEVER miss a chance to watch a good musical number that I can sing along to!

Miss Tiffany
Competition Director

The last few years have been a challenge and it is for that reason that the 2020-2021 season has been my favorite.  We all came together and showed the world just how strong QC can be. In all my 4 years at QC I have cherished every class, every competition and every opportunity. Which means, I will forever dance my favorite Tap and Lyrical routines as you never know what can happen!

Miss Karley

Watching the dancers grow and progress is the highlight of my dancing career. In the 3 years I have been teaching at QC, tap is by far my favorite. Tap is not only my favorite to teach, but I never miss a chance to put on my shoes and do a little tapping myself!

Miss Julie

I love all things dance! Tap and Jazz are my favorite styles of dance. When I had my own studio in the UK I always loved to teach those styles. And now, with this being my 4th year at QC I have continued to teach Tap, Jazz and many others.

Miss Marissa
Miss Emilie

QC has been part of my life as long as I can remember! Being on the QC Competition team was one of my favorite dance memories but being able to teach at QC and help dancers with their technique and prepare them for life’s big adventure has been the best! Contemporary and Musical Theater are my favorite styles of dance in my 4th year teaching at QC!

Miss Mackenzie

There have been several highlights in my dance career. By far my favorite memories come from traveling around the US competing in different competitions for QC. Now that I have been teaching at QC for 2 year, I love being able to watch the dancers experience the same! Especially when I get to watch and teach tap, tap is my favorite!

Miss Madison

Dancing Lyrical and Contemporary are always my favorite styles but with this being my 4th year teaching, I have taught many other styles as well.  One of my favorite highlights of my dance career was being able to dance at the Superbowl LII Halftime Show!

Miss Rachel

I have now been teaching at QC for 10 years which means I have taught every style of dance but lyrical and modern are by far my favorite. In my dance career I have had opportunities to dance at college dance concerts, Dance Association, and the Fringe Festival but nothing beats seeing our QC dancers on stage!!

Miss Nicky

Teaching dance is one of the many joys in my life. When I get to watch the kiddos hit the stage, it is so wonderful to see their shining faces!  I have been teaching with QC for 10 years and have been able to teach my favorite style, Tap for several of them, along with many other styles of dance.

Miss Erika

I have several different styles of dance that I love but my two favorite are Lyrical and Clog. Every time I watch the kids get excited about learning a new skill, especially in lyrical or clog, it makes my heart happy! With this being my 2nd year teaching at QC, I have cherished every second of being able to share the love of dance!

Miss Libby

It is now my 2nd year at QC and I could not be more excited! I love tap and modern so I always jump at the opportunity to teach those styles. One of the highlights of my dance career was when I got to take classes and perform at the American College Dance Association. It’s great to take what I learned and pass it on to the dancers!

Miss Selah

The best part about teaching is being able to watch the dancers grow in dance and in personality. Its great to see them making new friends and creating memories! This is my first year teaching at QC and I can’t wait to teach the kiddos my favorite Jazz and Contemporary styles!

Miss Brittnie

I am so exited for my first year teaching at QC! I have an extreme passion for dance and being able to change my love of dance with younger kids is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Tap is my favorite style of dance so as you can imagine, I love teaching it!

Miss Jenny

Pointe is my favorite style of dance and being the Little Mermaid in a story ballet with my (now) husband as the prince, is by far the highlight of my dance career! This is my first year at QC and I can’t wait to share my love of Ballet and Pointe with the QC family!

Miss Alyssa

I have had several amazing dance experiences, but my best memories are when I got to perform with Dance Moves. I love ballet and I am so excited for my first year at QC so I can share my passion of Ballet with my dancers!

Miss Shannon

This is my 2nd year teaching at QC and I could not be more excited! High Kick and Jazz are my two favorite styles of dance. Being able to be part of a Christmas high kick team has continued to be the highlight of my dance career!

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